Tired of Spam? SLAM IT!

How Easy Is Setup? 1-2-3

  1. You signup and supply us with your mail servers IP address.
  2. We provide you with MX records to point your mailserver at.
  3. SlamTheSpam!


  • Individual reports of users Slammed Spam compiled into one easy to read email, sent to users on a schedule you determine.
  • Users can Release or Whitelist emails from their report at the click of a button.
  • Administrative interface lets you customize how hard you want to swing the Spam Hammer.
  • Create your own custom rules to deal with your unique spam issues.
  • Teachable system. Vote emails as spam, or not, and the system will adjust accordingly.
  • Peace of mind. If your mailserver is unavailable, our system will store your mail for up to 15 days.